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Rooms and Apartments


At INATOS you can find rooms & apartments with 2-5 beds, with Panoramic sea view only 50m from the beach. Every room is equiped with bathroom, kitchen, fridge, television and air condition.

The Tavern


In our tavern you can enjoy fresh seafood and everything else from a typical "Cretan Cuisine" while viewing the port of Tsoutsouros.
Next to INATOS you can find the miraculous church of St. Panteleimaonas which is a place of praying for the natives and the visitors.



Quaint and charming fishing village with superb sea. Ideal place for summer holidays with wonderful climate as there is no moisture and helps to treat respiratory problems. The sea has great density of salt and iodine, data combined with purity of forming a strong challenge for summer vacation.

Welcome to Inatos Apartments and Studios in Tsoutsouros - Crete

You must know..

  • Tsoutsouros is built where the ancient city of Inatos used to stand. Inatos served as a port to Priansos a renowned Dorian city state of the time
  • The cave "Speos of Eilithia" in Tsoutsouros was devotionally used from approximately the middle of the 3rd millennium BC until 8th or 9th post-Christian century. The cave is considered that is devoted to the goddess of childbirth "Eilithia".
  • There's a lifeguard in the high season (July, August)
  • Tsoutsouros is nice and not crowded in June and September
  • We have ROOM SERVICE!

Tsoutsouros - Crete - Images

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Location: Tsoutsouros Crete